Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stay Classy Mother's day special

" I am proud to be part of the Priyanka Foundation team that has worked tirelessly in raising awareness about giving children a soft place to land during their hardest times. We’ve been able to give young patients with cancer the power of ‘hope’ and to go to bed excited about the possibilities of tomorrow.”
4. Leela Rao, Founder of The Priyanka Foundation
Leela lost her daughter Priyanka to leukemia when she was just 8 years old. Full of laughter throughout her battle, Leela knew those laughs were only possible because of the Child Life Services Priyanka received at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. When Leela and Priyanka had visited India, they discovered that these services did not exist in other parts of the world. Realizing this, she was inspired to take action and correct that.

Her Impact
60,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in India each year; only 1 in 10 receives complete therapy, according to The Lancet Oncology. Priyanka Foundation established the first ever Child Life Services Center in India in 2007, creating a new genre of jobs in healthcare for the country that have helped more than 2,500 pediatric patients through 5,500 Child Life sessions.


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